My Rules For My Blog.

Hello to all my Born Again Brothers and Sisters in Christ and those who will visit my blog here are my rules.

  1.  No arguments at all don’t want to hear it we must build each other up not tear each other down!
  2. No debates at all I have no time for pointless and fruitless back and forth debates!
  3. No backbiting at all not once!
  4. Absolutely no attacking or throwing stones at each other  we are part and  of The Family of God!
  5.  If I want to talk about anything or any Pastor God’s used in my life please respect that and if you don’t agree with the Pastor, position, or article SAY NOTHING AT ALL!
  6.  Please stay in your own lane if you don’t agree fine but it will not be my problem!
  7. Final rule no Ad Hominem’s towards me and no yelling I WILL NOT respond to that at all if you don’t agree don’t say anything at all If you cannot follow these rules then don’t comment at all and any mean comments you make will be deleted.


Listen God is using me for His Glory and Purposes on this blog if I want to talk about something or someone and you don’t agree fine but DO NOT SAY ANYTHING. WE have a Common Faith in Jesus Christ and we need to be focused on sharing the Gospel with the lost while we still have time and dealing with false teachers and teachings and heresies  Please be nice and respect each other as brothers and sisters in Christ we are part of the Family of God don’t let Satan distract us from what’s important! If there is ever a debate on here not mean comment ever and when I say enough this is going nowhere fast the conversation stops immediately!


God bless to all my Born Again Brothers and Sisters in Christ.